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The Silver City Volunteer Fire Department has announced that it is
conducting its largest membership drive in the history of the fire
department. That is quite substantial considering that the little fire
department on the hill was established in 1863, before Nevada even
became a state. Although the Silver City Fire Department enjoys a solid
base of highly trained and motivated volunteers, with the growth of the
surrounding communities there is a greater demand on the existing
members to keep up with the increase emergency calls. The Silver City
Volunteer Fire Department is part of the Central Lyon County Fire
District and is an integral component of the professional quality of
emergency service that residents in the district have come to expect.

“The department is really excited about gathering a new pool of
volunteer firefighters: to share our experience and traditions with.”
said fire chief Kip Allander. Central Lyon County Fire District Chief
John Gillenwater added that “The district relies heavily on the Silver
City Volunteers to assist with fire and rescue emergencies throughout
the district. Last summer was an especially taxing year for them because
of the very intense wildland season this area experienced.”

The Silver City VFD is focusing its campaign on residents living within
immediate response distance from the Silver City Fire Station, but it is
also reaching out to those interested in surrounding communities. “Many
people don’t realize that a majority of our membership actually lives
outside of Silver City. We have members that live in Dayton, Carson City
and Reno. We even had a member move to Silver City from Reno so that he
could make more calls” noted Grahame Ross, Silver City’s Assistant Chief
and a resident of Dayton. The department is advertising in local papers and
is sending out a brochure.


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